yup…the giggles


This image really makes me laugh. It reminds me of Ice Age 3 ‘laughing gas’ scene. LOL that scene was hilarious…I think the whole cinema was laughing.

I got my left4dead game installed last night and I’ve been super happy. I don’t know what to do when I have one of those ‘hormone attacks’. I’m tired of talking too much and I don’t want to fatten myself up before the weddings (this is not true. i made my brother buy me a big bottle of Nutella last night). I was restless; didn’t know how else to channel my anger so I thought of calming myself with a bottle of chocolate. Okay this does not sound good.


I finished another 100 of ‘bunga telur’ (for my brother’s wedding). Did them while watching ‘The Rocker’. The movie was funny…I was laughing so hard…especially towards the end when Fish said “why do you guys have British accent?” LOL!!! It was like…his old band mates were American and when they met after 20 years, everyone suddenly sounded British. So cute haha.


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