the way to my heart


150 tealight candles –  my pride and joy (well not for long)


I’m the proud owner of this dusty lantern

When I really think about it, I don’t know why I wanted to stop Amad from buying me those candles. I mean, if the man wants to make me happy, then let him make me happy. Why do I have to be such a complicated human being?

Anyway, dad will not be happy when he sees these candles. I think the whole family still can’t get over the little incident in Labuan hehe. Look, I wasn’t trying to burn down the house. It was just the curtain. And I don’t even remember doing it. Maybe I didn’t like the curtain. Anyway, that’s not the point here. Look, I’m being safe. The candle is safe inside the lantern and I only burn my candles when I’m around.

I wanted those plain tealight candles for my aromatherapy oils. And the green ones…well…they’re green and they smell good. I love love love candles because they’re beautiful. But I don’t really use them because rasa macam sayang la pulak nak bakar kalau dah cantik2.


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